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24 hour email subject montage

You can still affect what happens tonight FINAL NOTICE We're BEGGING making sure you voted Our last email of the election (really) This is it. we're SCREWED Start making some calls! the truth: Obama is PLEADING have you returned your ballot? Have you voted yet? One last time URGENT: Not too late! Today is the day Nate Silver doesn't matter If you've been waiting for the right moment Happy Election Day Time is Short, Seize the Day! [URGENT: Calls needed right now] Give Bernie the gavel concerning news SO close, You did or you didn't MAJOR victory! TIME IS RUNNING OUT can you call voters? It all comes down to today GO VOTE! Find your polling place >> Polls are open. We need your help. "Before polls close... I need to know ASAP" Remind your friends - vote by 7 pm! Voting is your Right! Leave no doubt have you voted? Today is the day! RE: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness Today is Election Day! Elections always matter, but 2016 is different. Time to turn it BLUE, It's Election Day. Go vote! The Polls Are Now Open! Today is THE DAY! Nate Silver is probably right >> "one last time" **VOTER HOTLINE INFORMATION CORRECTION** Don't let lies win! plan in place Can you confirm this? It doesn't get more urgent than this: we're BEGGING SHARE: Confirm your polling place, and share this with your friends You're voting tomorrow... right? Re: Wednesday's POST-election conference call (RSVP needed) Holy mackerel!! we quit. we lost. Issa is TERRIFIED Spread Our Voter Hotline Information! QUADRUPLE your impact (no time to spare) BIG Election Day call. YOU'RE INVITED! one last chance: Election Day surprises You can't make this up: [MAP] "my final ask" the latest form the field: This is a long email. But please, read it from start to finish early voting: Final numbers Thanks Buzzing here in HQ bad news Don't go to bed without knowing your polling location bumping Breakfast on Election Day! emailing for $5 Our Senate lead has DISAPPEARED "I'll take it PERSONALLY" This is the BEST! I'm asking you one last time: HUGE change: Nancy Pelosi's worried Republicans WINNING?! [Nate Silver]


January 2018

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